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Maxim Taran is young, but already well known russian POP ART, STREET ART, GRAFFITI artist. His paintings have already taken their rightful place in the private collections around the world

Since his education in St.Petersburg Technology&Design University, modern art has become a significant part of Maxim Taran’s life. He has catch up in the culture of Alik Monopoly. By the age 35 the Artist’s portfolio includes collaboratios with BLACK STAR, AUDI, McLaren, Escada, Modulbank, Romeo Gigli, GazpromExpo and participaton in exhibitios. Maxim is engaged in education activities as a couch as well in his school «Soul Art». The artist is invited also for paiting on the wall in private houses and commericial facilities. .

In 2023 Maxim Taran bacame the artist who designed and made art object - the official prize of HELLO! AWARDS (russian version). That was author verison of Matreyoshka doll, which has been adapted specialy for HELLO! TARAN’s Matryoshka doll collection is the desirable art objects for many collectors in Russia and abroad. The top 30 russian celebrities — the winners of HELLO! Ceremony bacame the owners of TARAN’s hand made matryoshka doll. Among them actress Julia Peresild, singer Dima Bilan, singer Vladimir Presnyakov, singer Mary Cranberry, singer Sergey Lazarev, actor Pavel Prilychny.

Maxim Taran started colaboration with charity foundation «Life in moving» which is under patronage of Theatre of Nations led by Eugene Mironov in 2023. For the charity auction «12 chairs» Maxim produced Crypto Chair. It was sold for 600K roubles to a very famous and ifluential philantropist.
Creativity and art is a meditative component of Maxim Taran’s life. His life credo find expression in vivid painting and thematic series like «ROUBLES» collection, which devoted to release crypto rouble in Russian Federation. The pink rouble from this collection was presenred at the exhibition «Art and money» in Omelchenko Gallery in Moscow.

Artist Maxim Taram lives and create his painting in St.Petersbourg and sell his art all over the world. The painting of the artist are presented in Omelchenko Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

Commericial projects are the most strong cases in Maxim Taran’s portfolio. For the last 5 years many signuficant projects have been realised. Among them painting on the walls in private clients houses, paintning of sport cars and yachts around the world
Maxim Taran produces limited art objects and sculptures for company’s representative gifts and for private clients gifts.
ИП Таран Максим Геннадьевич
ИНН: 470317015971
ОГРНИП: 320784700092610
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